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לוגו של הלמן ישראל



Pharmaceutical Industries

Our company specializes in providing cooling chain services to pharma customers in the air and land. Over 20 years as a domestic importer of the largest manufacturers and importers of pharmaceuticals in Israel, we have acquired unique experience and abilities:

  • Quality system for temperature controlled delivery.

  • Team with Pharma Awareness and GDP - Internal Training Program.

  • A commercial representative of Envirotainer in Israel - the world's leading company in the field of temperature controlled air containers.

  • Proven supply and operation of all temperature controlled transport means - from thermal sheets and scheduled shipments, through passive means to active containers.

  • A unique computer system that enables the study of a portfolio of pharmaceutical products according to temperature requirements, approved transportation means, regulatory requirements and other parameters that minimize the possibility of human error.

  • Global deployment of Hellmann Healthcare Logistics.

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Helman International Logistics (Israel) - "Peltransport ltd" is the Israeli representative of Envirotainer, which provides temperature controlled containers for air transport

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