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Code of Conduct

Peltransport Ltd, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Israel) and the entire Hellmann group share a worldview on business expressed in the idea and vision of FAMILY, ethical codes and the essence of the UN Global Compact initiative. This is reflected in the promotion of CSR and though continues improvements in the following areas:

Human Rights
We respect and adhere to the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights charter which focuses on prevention of discrimination of any kinds and we promote a social commitment in spirit of this Charter.

Work Relations
Creating a respective, fair, empowering, healthy and safe work environment for all employees and selecting suppliers in Israel and abroad that follow the same principles.


Constantly striving to save and conserve resources in order to reduce environmental damages and manage waste. 


Preventing Corruption
The company and its employees are bound by state and international anti-corruption laws: 
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)   
The U.K. Anti-Bribery Act (The Act)


Company policy prohibits its employees from offering or accepting bribes, gratuities or any other illegal means of payment as a way of conducting business, receiving company services or purchasing services from suppliers. This prohibition applies to customers, suppliers, other service providers and especially so, government agencies and other official bodies, whether in Israel or outside of it.  


In addition, these measures should not be used to influence politics at all- including: political parties, campaigners and elected officials- to obtain or deny requests, promote or prevent policies and/or influence decision making whether it be company or customer interests.


Fair Trade Laws and prevention of Centralization
The Company and its employees comply with state regulations on price setting, the prohibition of monopolies and refraining from cooperation with commercial boycotts and copyright protection

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Company employees must avoid all situations and actions contrary to company policies and commercial and business goals, including private matters and should not use company resources unnecessarily to further their goals. 


Maintaining business confidentiality
Both the company and its employees are committed to maintaining the business and private information of our customers in accordance with the European GDPR regulations. 

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