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לוגו של הלמן ישראל



Refrigeration & Perishable Goods

Refrigeration & Perishable  Goods

Whether it’s fresh or frozen products, perishable or sensitive goods, the HPL (Hellmann Perishable Logistics) Department are adept and qualified in handling consumable and sensitive goods. We provide professional and responsible services in the air, by sea and by land, and pay full attention to the smallest details these types of shipments require.


We use protective measures including thermal blankets, passive and active enclosures such as Envirotainer and the use of loggers that include GPS tracking. Envirotainer is the leading temperature controlled air container company which maintains and monitors temperatures in real-time.

As soon as it arrives in Israel, our Customs Brokerage Department handles and clears the cargo, whatever time of day. 

Refrigeration & Perishable  Goods
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Hillel Magnes

VP Export & Cold Chain



Hillel Magnes

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