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לוגו של הלמן ישראל



Vision of Technology

Vision of Technology

International freight forwarders and custom services are stepping into a new era- the digital age. 

The Tax Authority and the Customs Administration encourage and support global technological advancements and aim to reshape international trade. They are working to make processes more efficient in order to simplify trade in and between Israel. We at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Israel) welcome this endeavor and the progress being made, especially so with the “Global Gateway” plan introduced in January of 2018. 

We here at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Israel) use UniFreight a leading software in Israel which connects between international customs agents and freight forwarders to the Israeli Tax Authority.  This software was developed by our business partner “Amital Data”- a software company specializing in developing and marketing solutions for international trade.

In additional aspect we focus on is our vision for a cleaner world consisting of paperless information sharing by making everything visible, accessible and available online.  

  • At the push of a button or through “push” notifications, you can be connected anytime and anywhere to receive information about your shipment

  • Our system allows us to transfer digital messages such as necessary paperwork and invoices without needing to print them. 

  • We can easily interface between various computing software to making information sharing and messaging simple and smart.​

We strive to lead and be one of the pioneers of technological advancements in international trade and to advance our systems towards the ever changing digital age. 

Vision of Technology
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